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At DegreeOne, we apply a solutions-oriented approach to every project we tackle. And whether the job involves maintenance, repair, installation or energy management, our professionals are committed to maximizing the uptime of your business while extending the life of your equipment, increasing efficiency and driving greater value for you.

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Whether a facility’s HVAC equipment needs preventive maintenance, routine repairs, emergency service, optimization or installation, our solution providers focus on providing personable service and professional results.

Energy Management

Especially in larger facilities, ensuring equipment and system efficiency can not only keep processes running smoothly and support premium levels of customer service, but can also have a big impact on the bottom line with energy savings and long equipment life cycles. At DegreeOne, we offer deep expertise in the full spectrum of energy-optimization services across all of our end markets.


When refrigeration goes down, time is of the essence — and our solutions providers can react quickly and professionally to make the emergency repairs needed to prevent spoilage and added costs. Even better, our preventive maintenance and repair services can keep equipment running consistently and efficiently to avoid any potential issues.

Virtual Management

Even without stepping foot on-site, DegreeOne can protect business assets and deliver added value with real-time equipment monitoring and remote issue resolution. The result: significantly reduced maintenance calls and improved energy & facility management. 

Food Services

In food service, the optimal performance of kitchen equipment is critical to generating customer satisfaction and, in turn, creating long-term business success. With extensive knowledge of most major brands of cooking equipment, our solutions providers can respond quickly and ensure that kitchen crews have the peak-performing tools they need to cook up success.

Asset Management 

Using leading-edge technology, our professional providers can capture detailed data on all of the critical equipment both inside and outside your facility walls — helping you to better understand exactly where in the lifecycle your assets are at all times. This will help you maximize uptime and efficiencies, make more informed decisions regarding repair and replacement, and wisely control your capital expenditures.

Home Services

While our service professionals deliver value to larger facilities on a regular basis, they also have the skills and experience needed to keep equipment running at peak levels in the home — along with the finesse and personal touch needed to keep homeowners happy with their service experiences.

Tools and Technologies

At DegreeOne, our solutions-oriented professionals are highly proficient at servicing all of the leading HVAC, refrigeration and food service tools and technologies that power today’s businesses — and we’re eager to share our knowledge and skills to deliver value to you at every turn.

A Network of DegreeOne-owned Companies That’s Everywhere You Are

Our goal is to be the premier provider of multi-site, multi-temp maintenance, repair, energy-management and monitoring services for customers across the country. 

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At DegreeOne, we’re always seeking strategic acquisitions that strengthen our presence and capabilities to service HVAC, refrigeration and food service equipment. When you partner with us, you’ll join a thriving network of companies and business owners who know what it takes to grow in this industry.

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